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Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyer

Atkinson Law is redefining the Norfolk personal injury lawyer experience one client at a time. We represent Norfolk citizens and their families against insurance companies to hold distracted drivers and negligent dog owners responsible for their actions. We provide every client with a tailored and transparent attorney/law firm relationship where craftsmanship and attention to detail drive our results.

If you get injured in an accident, keep insurance companies from fooling you into thinking they are looking out for your best interests. Every insurance agent's dream is to work with an accident victim who does not have legal representation. Atkinson Law knows how insurance companies defend against personal injury claims., which means you could get a lowball offer for your settlement. Do not accept anything less than what you truly deserve.

Ed Atkinson is an experienced Norfolk Car Accident Lawyer who understands Insurance Claims

I spent years working for insurance companies defending negligent drivers – the insurance companies who write policies for them – and I know how these companies and their lawyers operate. In certain cases, motor vehicle accident victims suffer brain damage or other neurological injuries, requiring a lifetime of care. Ed Atkinson is the Norfolk personal injury lawyer you need to seek maximum financial compensation as an injured driver or passenger. Negligent operation of a motor vehicle can result in multiple car collisions with serious injuries and even wrongful death. It is not uncommon to see neck and back injuries, slipped discs and spinal trauma, but other types of injuries in car crashes can occur, including burns and bruising from airbag deployment, cuts from broken glass and sharp metal edges, or damage to knees and other joints. Hopefully, with physical therapy and/or surgery and rehabilitation, a full recovery can be achieved. Sometimes amputation becomes necessary, or other permanent disfigurement results, which can be a major factor in pain and suffering.

The expert Norfolk dog bite lawyer

Atkinson Law understands the law relating to animal bites and had a proven record of winning dog bite claims. We have become the "go to firm" for dog bites, and many Norfolk personal injury lawyers refer these cases to us. Let us put our expertise t work for you! We will take on the home owners insurance companies and make sure your compensation takes pain and suffering into account, including for scarring and permanent dog bite injuries.


Probably more than the insurance company is offering you! There is no such thing as a "personal injury settlement calculator."  Every case is unique and will have its own strengths and weaknesses.  A personal injury lawyer will understand both and maximize your claim’s value, whether it settles out of court or goes before a judge and jury. Don't settle without calling us!


In February 2021 Virginia car accident attorney Ed Atkinson concluded a $225,000 settlement for a Gloucester youth injured in a serious motor vehicle accident.  When the pickup truck in which he was a passenger took a turn too fast it left the roadway and struck a guardrail and a trial.  The young man fractured his femur and had to be lifted by air ambulance to a Newport News hospital for immediate surgery.  His surgical team inserted a steel rod into the femur.  With extensive physical therapy the youth has returned to his normal activities and career training.



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