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Legal Representation For Infant And Child Injuries


If your child has been injured and you believe that negligence contributed to the injury, I can help you pursue maximum compensation. While the insurance company may already be seeking a court-approved settlement, as the child’s parent, you have a right to an attorney and do not have to settle.


Contact me before you talk to an insurance adjuster or agree to a settlement. I will protect your rights and fight for full and fair compensation.


I have experience handling personal injury claims for injured infants, children, and their parents. It is important to ensure that all injuries are apparent and clearly understood. Ideally, the injuries should be at “maximum medical improvement” before discussing settlement numbers. Maximum medical improvement means that your child has recovered as much as possible and will likely not improve in the future. Therefore, we will work to recover all future medical expenses, including payment for past medical care, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, counseling, and all other relevant damages.


Court-Approved Settlements For Child Injuries


I have handled hundreds of court-approved settlements between injured children and insurance companies. Insurance companies often try to settle claims involving minor children. This is not a matter of simple generosity. Insurance companies fear claims by infants and minors. Specifically, they fear that a jury might sympathize with an injured child and his or her parents and potentially award large monetary damages to them at a trial.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to settle claims by minors without the parent or the minor being represented by an attorney, offering what may seem like fair compensation. As with any insurance claim, the result will be better for the insurance company and worse for the child if the parent has no attorney. Call me before you agree to a compromise settlement.


To discuss the details of your infant or child injury case with a knowledgeable lawyer in Norfolk, Virginia, call 757-648-8579 or contact me online.

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