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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some 2,362,000 Americans were injured in motor vehicle accidents in 2012, including 33,561 motor vehicle fatalities. Simply put, the most dangerous thing that most people do every day is getting in their car and drive to work or go about their daily routine. Even if you are a responsible driver, there is only so much you can do to avoid being injured by another driver’s negligence. What can you do to avoid being struck by a driver behind you who is not paying attention to the road or falls asleep at the wheel? Maybe the other driver fails to yield the right way or even runs a red light. In many situations, the other driver’s negligence virtually guarantees that there will be a motor vehicle collision.


An experienced Norfolk Car Accident Lawyer who understands Insurance Claims


Negligent operation of a motor vehicle can result in multiple car collisions with serious injuries and even wrongful death. It is not uncommon to see neck and back injuries, slipped discs, and spinal trauma, but other types of injuries in car crashes can occur, including burns and bruising from airbag deployment, cuts from broken glass and sharp metal edges, or damage to knees and other joints. Hopefully, a full recovery can be achieved with physical therapy and/or surgery and rehabilitation. Sometimes amputation becomes necessary, or other permanent disfigurement results.


I will Investigate and Find The Best Legal Strategy for You


In certain cases, motor vehicle accident victims suffer brain damage or other neurological injuries, requiring a lifetime of care. I seek maximum financial compensation for injured drivers and passengers. I spent years working for insurance companies defending negligent drivers – really the insurance companies who write policies for them – and I know how these companies and their lawyers operate.


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Whatever the injury, an experienced personal injury attorney can ensure you recover and that the other driver’s insurance company takes care of you. I know how to pursue maximum compensation for people injured by negligent drivers, distracted drivers, and even intoxicated drivers. Contact me for a free evaluation of your injury claim today.

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