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Atkinson Law

While many law firms focus on high-volume representation — solving one isolated problem for a client as quickly as possible and moving on to another client — I take a different approach.


At Atkinson Law, I focus on building lasting relationships with my clients. When you hire me as your attorney, I want you to feel confident that I have your immediate legal issue well in hand, and also that I will be available to help you down the road as other issues arise.

I focus on providing legal representation marked by:

  • A strong client-centered focus: As the founding attorney of Atkinson Law, I left a position as a lawyer in a large volume law firm so that I could be in a better position to take care of my clients on a more personal level. I do not see a new client as a potential paycheck, but as a person who needs help with a challenging legal situation, and my priority is to help.

  • Knowledge: I have handled hundreds of cases, including courtroom trials for hundreds of clients, and I previously served as a public defender. I have extensive knowledge of personal injury law, dog bite law suits, elder / nursing home neglect, family law and other legal practice areas.

  • Integrity: I am committed to providing you with honest case assessments and sound legal counsel throughout your legal matter.


A Dedicated Advocate

In college, I studied Latin and ancient Greek, learning the role of advocacy in the classic Western civilizations from the writings of great philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. I am connected with the time-honored tradition of the advocate’s role in the community, and I will focus all of my energies on protecting your interests and helping you get the best outcome possible.

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